Start 2017 with a Kickboxing Program

It’s that time of the year again. The gifting season, parties, drinking, letting your hair down and of course, eating unhealthy. As another year winds to a close, you might be looking at your weighing scale in resignation, wondering how you’ve added those extra pounds. One of your top New Year resolutions is sure to be losing those excess pounds. Try fitness kickboxing, a great way to start the New Year.

What is fitness kickboxing?

Fitness kickboxing is a total-body workout. It is a highly motivated, full-throttle workout where your entire body works really hard. A single session of fitness kickboxing involves you carrying out high-intensity moves. A single hour-long session will help you burn nearly 700 calories in an hour. But always remember you can go at your own pace and fitness levels.

This workout helps you gain flexibility, coordination, endurance and better balance. Involving fierce punches, kicks and jabs at punching bags and at the air, you can do this workout at your gym or a dedicated kickboxing studio.

How does a typical fitness kickboxing class typically pan out?

An hour long fitness kickboxing class starts with a 10-15 minutes warm-up period, involving stretches and limbering exercises. After this, there is an intense phase of punches, kicks and knee strikes which increase your heart rate substantially. This period may go up to 30 minutes ensuring you get a complete body workout. Finally, there is the cool-down phase of 15 minutes which helps bring your heart rate down before you come to a full stop. Classes are a total body workout, using interval training to get your heart rate elevated to burn maximum calories and tone the body.

What areas does fitness kickboxing target?

  • Your Core: Many kickboxing moves target your core.
  • Your Arms: Your arms get a great workout as a result of those fierce jabs and uppercuts.
  • Your Legs: Sidekicks and roundhouse kicks are great for your quads and hamstrings.
  • Your Back: Being a full body workout, expect to use most muscles in your body, including your back muscles.
  •  Your Glutes: Doing those roundhouse kicks will make your glutes really burn.

Fitness kickboxing is great for toning your entire body since practically all muscle groups in your body get a thorough workout.

What results will you get from fitness kickboxing?
If you do it intensely enough and get sufficient rest, fitness kickboxing will make your body shape up in double quick time. One of the great benefits of fitness kickboxing is that a session helps you burn calories all day long. Fitness kickboxing is great for your balance, strength, coordination, heart and joints.

Apart from the physical benefits, fitness kickboxing is great for your mental health too. The vigorous kicks and punches help in releasing anger, stress, and frustration. Apart from this, you will see your confidence level and levels of self-esteem improving. Plus you will look and feel better about yourself.

The intense workout increases the release of endorphins, making you feel a lot better if you have had a lousy day. You are also sure to get a good night’s sleep after embarking upon kickboxing as a fitness routine.

What are the other advantages of fitness kickboxing?

Since it is an intensely physical workout, the highs you will get out of attending a class will make you want to go back for more sessions. Unlike the solitary grind of an exercise bike, kickboxing classes help you stay motivated, ensuring you lose those pounds gained during the holiday season. Kickboxing classes have a very friendly atmosphere, and you may end up increasing your social circle as well!

Precautions to take before starting fitness kickboxing 

Fitness kickboxing is a highly demanding workout, and you will be completely exhausted after an hour long session. However  you can at your pace during the class. Stop and take your breaks as needed. For the first couple of months, you should do a commit to 2 or 3 sessions a week to allow your body to get enough rest between the sessions. As with starting any new fitness regime, be sure to consult your family doctor in advance. In case you have any health condition, be sure to take your doctor’s advice before starting. It is an awesome way for the management of diabetes and some heart disorders as well.

Fitness kickboxing is a great way to start the new year, sign up for classes now to ensure you get a complete fitness makeover in 2017!


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