Specialty Boutique Style Gyms vs Big Box Gyms

Specialty boutique style gyms are on the rise, and there may be good reasons why.

Nearly 67% of box gym memberships are never used, according to a recent study done by Berkeley undergraduates. With the start of a new year and everyone setting new resolutions there has been a spike in gym membership. Within a few months, most of the enthusiasm for working out has died off, mainly due to people getting bore and not seeing the results they were hoping to achieve.

There has been a growth of specialty gyms offering “boutique type classes” because they are more motivating and enhance each workout experience. This trend is not only providing an alternative to a standard gym, but it’s actually helping people work out more regularly and helping them achieve results they are looking for.

There are several reasons why specialty gyms are becoming the fitness wave of the future.

1. Specialty gyms offer a more personalized workout because of their classes and instructors. Their instructors are specifically trained for the specialty classes and equipment. A lot of people don’t like to mix and mingle with a 1,000 strangers at the gym, while waiting to use a piece of equipment. Also they may have an interest in machines or equipment that they have no clue how to use and no one to ask for help. reisterstown-trxSpecialty gyms limit this problem.

2. Most specialty gyms offer a punch card option, which appeals to frequent travelers who don’t want a long term contract. This option allows you to pay for a certain amount of classes at a discounted rate. It is convenient because you don’t have to pay monthly for a membership. Most standard gyms don’t have punch cards and will also charge an extra fee for specialty classes.

3. Specialty gyms offer many times for your favorite class per day, unlike most standard gyms. Many standard gyms may only offer that class a few times week or even none at all. Having a variety of class times per day allows you to fit classes into your schedule more easily. You’re more likely to show up for classes if you have this schedule, allowing you to achieve your goal quicker and easier.

4. Customer Service is another reason clientele are shifting towards to specialty gyms, because of its attention to detail and personalized service. People like the smaller class sizes and the personal trainer-client relationship that are available at specialty gyms. Many specialty gyms offer a complete training program that includes one or more fitness classes with a nutritional approach. It is easy to get lost in large standard gyms. Specialty gyms help clients’, especially ones new to exercising, workout routine.

5. Specialty gyms are more personal than standard gyms, due to the small circle of people there. Many clients meet new friends. The regular class times make finding a dependable workout buddy much easier. Both staff and clients feel specialty gyms are more like a family than the impersonal environment of a large commercial gym.

It’s safe to say specialty gyms are here to stay. Whether your preference is for Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX or Personal training, finding your spot at s specialty gym could help keep you motivated and give you the results you are looking for.

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