Want to Live Longer? How to Keep a Healthy Heart.

The heart is the core of the circulatory system and without it, the body would not be able to function because the heart is responsible for providing the body’s cells with water, oxygen, and food. The lifestyle we live and the way we eat have a big part to play in the way or heart acts. If we put garbage in them we will only get garbage out. A healthy heart lowers the risk of developing heart disease, developing strokes and heart attacks as well as cholesterol issues. What are the keys things you can do to keep and maintain a healthy heart?

1. Staying at a healthy weight – the heart will do less work and will not be slowed down by fat when you maintain a healthy body weight. It also goes hand in hand with eating healthy as well. Just a simple change in diet like switching some foods for fruits and vegetables will cause weight to naturally shed without having to exercise.

2. Avoid smoking – smoking causes the risk of cardiovascular disease to rise. Smoking clouds the bronchi of the lungs and sends polluted oxygen to the blood. It is also important to avoid second-hand smoking if you do not smoke because that is equally as dangerous. The second-hand smoke puts your heart and lungs at risk and even more so if there is already a pre-existing condition of cholesterol or high blood pressure problems.

3. Be active and Exercise  – this is especially important for persons who have jobs that require them to sit for long hours. The development of deep vein thrombosis (blood clot). Even with exercise, it is important to take breaks from sitting every hour to stretch your legs. Regular exercise is an important way to lower your risk of heart disease. healthy-heartExercising for 30 minutes or more on most days can help you lose weight, improve your cholesterol, and even lower your blood pressure by as many as five to seven points.

4. Getting enough sleep – a good night sleep leaves you feeling well rested and ready for the day but it also does wonders for the heart. The rest allows the heart to also rest as well as recuperate for the day’s daily task. People who sleep less than 6 hours for the night are more likely to develop heart-related illnesses and develop stroke and a younger age.

5. Avoid unhealthy fats – the heart gets choked up by fats in the foods that we eat and it slows it down, leaving it less equipped to carry out its function properly. Try as much as possible to avoid products that have a high Trans Fat level. Trans Fat is very unhealthy for the heart and causes the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in the blood to be elevated and the heart to overwork.

6. Avoid being stressed – this one may be difficult for many to as sometimes by the time you realize you feel anxious it is already too late and you may already be stressing about something. Find an outlet like a boxing or kickboxing class to release stress or watching a movie, going out with friends or having a sense of humor and being optimistic in situations; it gives the heart a chance to become less overworked.

7. Drink lots of water – drinking a lot of water will flush the blood of toxins as well as the cells in the body. A less congested blood stream means the heart does not have to be under as much pressure as it needs to be. Dehydration has a very important part to play in the development of heart diseases because when the blood becomes thicker from the lack of water it elevates the blood pressure as well as cause the cholesterol levels to increase which long term can cause diabetes, strokes, coronary heart disease among other heart-related illnesses.

Heart disease is a major killer and the contributing factors that an ill heart cause are very grave. Keeping a healthy and happy heart will ultimately mean a longer life because a healthy heart makes for a better functioning body overall and there will be a less likelihood of a lower mortality rate.

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