What To Expect In Your First TRX Class

New To TRX – What To Expect In Your First Class

Congratulations on your decision to get in shape and for signing up for TRX training! Your first TRX workout may be a little intimidating, being the “new guy” in class is bad enough, but being the new guy in a TRX class with no experience in suspension training can be scary!

Don’t be afraid. Don’t let your lack of experience or butterflies stop you from attending. The TRX system may appear complicated, but no matter your fitness level, the TRX suspension trainer will soon have you moving and training, developing your core and improving your functional performance. The TRX provides both strength training and cardio training using only one simple piece of equipment.

Too hard? Those not familiar with TRX mistakenly believe that it’s too hard to use, that they need to get in shape before they attempt to use it. Not true, you can change adjust the TRX straps or your angle or anchor point to adjust the difficulty or intensity of any exercise. Much in the same way doing pushups on your knees is easier than a “regular” pushup.

Those same skeptics believe that TRX training is only for trained athletes. Not true, seniors, new moms, even post surgical rehabilitation patients will experience improvement in balance, strength, and flexibility. You just have to stick with it to get results!

Getting Started With TRX Training

Whether you are in class or at home using your TRX, remember these tips:

  1. Train at your own pace. Correct repetitions and full range of motion are better than fast and sloppy performance using momentum rather than muscle. In class, if the pace is too fast for you, do every other repetition rather than trying (and failing) to keep up. This will rarely happen, TRX is not a race.
  2. Level of difficulty. Your body will find it’s own level of difficulty, right now, focus on form and body alignment. As you continue to attend class and grow stronger and more flexible, you will find each exercise easier to perform.
  3. Level of intensity. As you grow stronger, increase the angle, speed and intensity to increase the overall effectiveness of each exercise and the training session.
  4. Have fun. TRX training is unlike anything you’ve done in the past, it is challenging, never boring or repetitious and fun. Enjoy the experience.

Check out this video:

TRX Straps

The TRX system is a system of straps that can be intimidating to those not familiar with how to adjust them. Making the straps longer or shorter increases or decreases the angle and intensity of the exercise you are performing. Adjusting them is as simple as pinching a metal clamp on each strap and sliding the strap to make it shorter or longer.

Check out this video demonstrating how to use the straps, how to adjust them and how to get in and out of them.

Why choose TRX training?

  1. You can adjust TRX to all fitness levels. Adjust the straps or your angle or distance to quickly make any TRX exercise easier or more difficult.
  2. Core training. While TRX training provides a full body workout, it requires you to engage your core to stabilize and support your body throughout the movement. TRX is all core, all of the time.
  3. Efficient and effective. Improve strength and flexibility in a 45-minute workout.
  4. Find a TRX Training Center that has certified TRX instructors that can help you get maximize your results with the TRX .  Build a Rock Solid Core!



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