How To Pick a Summer Camp

Things To Check Out For When Picking A Summer Day Camp


A summer day camp is where children go to have fun during the day and they go back home in the evening. Summer camps are meant to provide children with activities in a social setting and they get to grow emotionally, physically, socially and creatively. The camps are structured in a way that the school age children develop their specific skill, build new skills and form new interests up to when they are adolescents.  Many parents who enroll their children in summer day camps do so that the children can receive supervision during the day when they are at work.

Nowadays there are camps that meet the different needs, interest, price and your schedule so that it is convenient for the child and also to you as a parent. They offer recreational activities,  day field trips, martial arts, swimming,   music amongst others.

When picking a summer day camp there are things that you should consider such as:

  • A child’s interest

As a parent, you should know your child’s personality and interest first before choosing a summer day camp as this will help identify what camp programs will be of benefit to him or her.  It is also important to let your child in the process of picking a day camp and they will have less anxiety when they go away to camp. Together with your child, explore the options that you have and get to check on what materials they are offering. Get a camp that has meaningful actives that will match your child’s interest and maturity level so that he or she can grow in all areas. You may look at the camp’s website and see photos of activities that they have and other important information about the camp.

  • Cost

The amount you can pay for a day camp will depend on your financial situation so get a camp that you can afford but offers a lot in their package. Check what is the registration fee and tuition fee for the camp,  what the tuition fee caters for, i.e. special trips,  health, use of equipment’s, how is the payment done, is there any refund policy, etc.  These will enable you to know how to plan your payment and only take what is reasonably affordable to you.

  • Camp safety and health

The safety and health of your child, while they are under the care of someone else, is crucial so make sure that you check if the camp has safety and health measures. Safety measures include safe playing grounds and equipment’s, is there supervision as children play, how they handle conflict amongst campers. Healthy measures include, what happens if a child gets sick or gets hurt while, do the staffs have certified first aid skills. How do they handle emergencies?

  • Size

The structure and  size of the camp matters in determining how your child will learn. In a small environment, the child will receive specialized attention while in a large environment; the child will be able to make more friends. No matter the size, the camp should offer quality services to your child.

There may be many summer day camps that you could take your child, but to get the best. You can get referrals from people who have enrolled their children in summer camps. Get to review and do research amongst the many, get what meets your needs and ask questions.

  • Questions to ask:

When picking a camp make sure you ask plenty of questions. Below are a few questions you should ask.

  • Camp Hours
  • What does a typical day schedule look like
  • What is the camp’s return rate
  • How does the camp recruit staff?
  • What kind of background checks are performed before staff is hired?
  • Is the camp structured throughout the day or just a play camp where the campers just run around.


These is just a few of the most common questions asked.  Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.



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