Benefits Of Martial Arts Training For Kids

12 Benefits Of Martial Arts Training For Kids


Martial arts trains the body, mind and spirit and provides many benefits for children
that reach far beyond self defense and fitness including:


  1. Respect – Students learn to bow to their Instructor and their opponent as a sign of respect. This begins in the very first lesson and continues indefinitely throughout their training.infographic_12_benefits_of_martial_arts_for_kids


  1. Discipline – Students learn the value of training, working toward a goal like their next belt or a trophy in competition. They learn that sacrificing “play” time to train has benefits and rewards.


  1. Builds Self ConfidenceMartial arts training and working toward and achieving goals promotes mental, physical and emotional growth and builds self confidence.


  1. Improves Focus – Training teaches breathing techniques and and awareness with the ability to focus and draw strength from within improving the attention span of even the most hyperactive children.


  1. Personal SafetyMartial Arts training provides real world self-defense skills and increases situational awareness and defense against
    bullies and predators. Most programs include street smart skills training to identify, avoid or escape threats and potentially dangerous situations.


  1. Relieves Stress – The physical activity of training combined with the mental aspects (focus, awareness) reduce or relieve stress and anxiety. Your child will leave class pleasantly tired and more calm and relaxed.


  1. Teamwork – Training will help your child as an individual, but will also teach the value of working as a team and build social and interaction skills with classmates.


  1. Fitness and Health – Warmups, jumping jacks and push ups, Martial Arts training provides an opportunity for physical activity and burning calories and teaches the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle including healthy diet choices and nutrition.


  1. Conflict Resolution – Most martial arts disciplines teach conflict resolution, the value of avoiding violence and using violence only when all other attempts at resolution have failed.


  1. Good Posture – Training and the associated fitness activities develop and promote good posture which will prevent back problems in the future.


  1. Balance and Coordination – Many of the movements used in Martial Arts require balance, body awareness, agility and coordination.


  1. Memorization – Training often involves memorization of movements and sequences or drills and this improved memory will carry over into your child’s day-to-day life.


Any one of these benefits would be reason enough to consider Martial Arts training for your child, but when you realize that your child will receive all 12 benefits, the case for enrolling becomes more compelling.



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