How to Throw a Snapping Punch

What is a Snapping Punch?

The snapping punch is about speed and energy, it is thrown quickly and minimizes contact time with the target. Much like a whip or a snake, the snapping punch strikes and immediately recoils, in the case of a boxer or martial artist, the punch quickly recoils back to a defensive stance or posture. Many successful fighters have mastered the snapping punch, but Bruce Lee is often credited with first introducing and demonstrating the effectiveness of its use.

The Snapping Punch vs The Push Punch.

The push punch requires more time to throw, longer contact with the target and includes “follow through” and power. The push punch is the “knockout punch” as you attempt to drive your fist through the target. But do not underestimate the power of a snapping punch – the power (and damage) comes from the speed and accuracy of the punch. In terms of a battlefield, the combination of small arms fire (snapping punches) can be just as effective and as deadly as the artillery round (push punch).

Advantages Of The Snapping Punch.

When used properly, the punch quickly transfers momentum from your core through your fist, inflicting pain and damage to your target. These can be crushing blows that may not knockout your opponent, but will wear them down and score strikes and points and set them up for the final blow. As quickly as your punch strikes, it is pulled back to defend and becomes available for additional snapping punches. The ultimate goal of a successful snapping punch is to to inflict maximum damage while maintaining your defense – to hit but not get hit.

How to Throw A Snapping Punch.

Quick and effective snapping punches require practice. Practice as your fist explodes from your body, contacts the target and “snaps” back to your guard position. Learn to tighten your fist as you contact your target, no through the entire punch. Immediately after impact, relax your fist, wrist and arm as you quickly pull it back to your body. Check out this video:

Every boxer, fighter or martial artist should learn to throw and use snapping punches.

The punch is fast, inflicts pain and damage and is most effective. Once you master the basics, you can learn to change the speed of your snapping punches as you build combinations. Doing so will confuse your opponent as they will have difficulty defending against your changing speed, power and direction from which you are throwing your punches. Practice until your snapping punch is lightning fast, a whip-like strike that makes only brief contact then snaps immediately back into your guard position.


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