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How Exercise Can Relieve Stress, Depression And Anxiety

How Exercise Can Relieve Stress, Depression And Anxiety Are you stressed or depressed? Modern life is filled with stressors, work, school, kids and traffic, that can cause feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness. While many may turn to medication as treatment, there are more natural and healthy approaches to dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Healthy alternatives for your depression and

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Why Should High School and College Students Exercise?

Written by Srobs Besides the obvious of weight loss and muscle gain, there are many other benefits of exercising. 1. Guess who’s getting that A? You! Exercising improves brain performance. At one school, student’s problem-solving skills increased by 10% solely by walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes! 2. Reduces PMS Ladies we all know it’s true, CRAMPS SUCK. You

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